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The Society of African Missions founded Immaculate Conception Parish and Academy in 1909 to serve African Americans. The diocese decided to close the academy in Spring of 1967 due to low enrollment. High school students were absorbed by neighboring…

Alice Marcella Bailey, 77, was born in Macon, Georgia to Hattie Lorene Costella Oliver Bailey (d. 1962) and Horace Bailey (d. 1965), the middle of three children. She attended St. Peter Claver Catholic School and [Old] Ballard High School (later…

Barbara Clowers shares her experiences as a teacher at St. Peter Claver School. She also witnessed the racial integration of the parishes in Macon, and served as the Chair of the SPC Evangelist Mission which had a great impact on the community and…

Carol Redding Cummings tells of her Christian faith through the family. Her mother was a faithful member at St. Peter Claver for over 85 years. Barbara was baptized at SPC in 1934 and also sang in the choir 70 years.

Carol Redding Cummings, 85,…

Gwendolyn Stroud Booker discusses her years as a child at St. Peter Claver School, converting to Catholicism, and experiences with segregation.

Gwendolyn Stroud Booker, 75, was born in 1944 to Jesse and Otelia Stroud, who were Baptist. Gwendolyn…

Monroe Abram, born in 1933, discusses some of the changes he has seen in St. Peter Claver Parish, as well as some of the priests and parishioners he knew.

Monroe Abram, 88, was born in Macon, GA to Helen and Monroe Abram, one of three children,…

Left to right: Alice Marcella Bailey, Gwendolyn Stroud Booker, Monroe Abram, and Carol Cummings.

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Founded by the SMA fathers to serve African Americans on the west side of Savannah. It had a dedicated school from 1909 until 1975. Most Pure Heart of Mary merged with St. Anthony into Resurrection of Our Lord Parish in 2000.

Mother Katherine Drexel, 1964
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