St. Peter Claver Church & School, Macon


St. Peter Claver Church & School, Macon


Established in 1902 by Jesuits, this Parish was staffed by priests from the Society of African Missions as early as 1913. St. Katherine Drexel also worked here. The parish was dedicated in 1928 and "successfully" integrated in 1968.



December 1, 2020


Reserved to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Savannah



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Oral History Confessional
Bettye Middlebrook, left, and Carol Cummings, right.

Mother Katherine Drexel
Mother Katherine Drexel, 1964

Interviewees of St. Peter Claver
Left to right: Alice Marcella Bailey, Gwendolyn Stroud Booker, Monroe Abram, and Carol Cummings.

St. Peter Claver exterior
Outside of parish including its historical marker

St. Peter Claver, 1888 to Present
The parish was founded by the Jesuit Order in 1888 to serve African American Catholics. The church building moved to its permanent location at 131 Ward Street in 1913. The school was founded in 1903 by St. Katharine Drexel to educate black and Indian…
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